Nuuvera is a global cannabis company with a vision.

Founded on Canadian principles.

Built with the whole world in mind.

The Cannabis Industry in Canada is Burgeoning. But it won’t mature on its own. That’s where we come in. We’re a global team of proven business innovators and leaders with first-class experience. We’ve worked in telecommunications, online retail, app-based ride-sharing, gaming and capital markets. We’ve been there as young industries exploded, and we’ve helped take their ideas worldwide, establishing international operations. We’ve thrived in highly regulated markets.

Nuuvera’s commitment is to use our expertise and passion to revolutionize this young sector and help it reach its full potential in a way that’s safe, accessible and mature. Cannabis is growing up. Canada has nurtured it. Nuuvera is taking it to the next level.

Global Strategy

We are an international company with a global strategy built on anticipating future markets and establishing the infrastructure and partnerships to serve them with medical-grade cannabis.

As the world wakes up to the potential of cannabis, it is looking to Canada for leadership. That’s why Nuuvera was founded on Canadian principles, but built with the whole world in mind.

Nuuvera sources product from around the world and uses the best manufacturing practices to get those products into the hands of those who need them, wherever they may be.

We’re a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-faceted team, with offices around the world, which is why we are uniquely capable of creating truly international operations.

What’s begun in Canada will blossom into the world.

And Nuuvera is the global company that is taking it there.


Cannabis research has come a long way, but we’re in the infancy of understanding and isolating the more than a hundred different cannabinoids present in cannabis. As global interest grows, the best minds in the world are working with us to unlock the potential of the plant. The present is exciting, the future even more so.

Nuuvera’s global presence means that the research is collaborative and international—with the best ideas flowing across borders. That’s why we’ve invested in state-of-the-art laboratories, like our Avanti facility, as well as the best medical research and product development.

We’re already thinking about tomorrow, investing in research and development in proprietary strains, tailor-made oils, and more. It is this innovation that will spur the industry and establish Nuuvera as a pioneer in cannabis.

Corporate Responsibility

If you care about something, you treat it with respect.

That’s why we're not only committed to the highest quality products, but also to the best environmental practices, to sustainable growth and to caring for our patients and our team.

Our dedication to financial responsibility means we have the resources and the business sense to take the time to do this right, and to be around for the long run.

We are conscientious of laws as they differ from country to country because regulation, like us, is all about taking a sophisticated and thoughtful look at cannabis. That means respecting and working with governments, public health agencies and regulators to create the safest environment and culture surrounding the industry. With an international team and offices, we are uniquely positioned to understand, and work with, officials and regulators the world over.

Being a responsible leader means doing things the right way, with integrity and honesty, with consistency and foresight.

When you’re responsible, you’re trusted. And trust gives us the honour of serving you.


Understanding cannabis and what it can do for you is the heart of Nuuvera’s mission.

But our expertise extends beyond just the finished product. We are dedicated to GMP testing and trials, ensuring contaminate-free facilities and exhaustive quality control. We invest in patient, customer and healthcare research to learn how we can best serve them. We have a globally diverse team that understands local cultures and customs and how cannabis fits in.

We stand out as experts in the field with a global perspective and an understanding of every facet of the industry, from seed to sale. And we pass that understanding on to our patients and physicians.

Medical cannabis is now an option. Nuuvera helps give physicians the knowledge to choose wisely.

Product Consistency

Health isn’t some frivolous, disposable item—it’s what lets us enjoy our lives fully. We’re committed to creating only the best that cannabis has to offer, because when it comes to living your life well, only the best will do. And part of being the best is being uncompromisingly consistent.

That means high-quality and consistency across our entire operation — from materials to storage, from transportation to packaging — so patients and healthcare providers can feel confident that we provide what we promise. Every time, no surprises. Our products are crafted with precision and labelled with clarity.

That’s consistency from Toronto to Tel Aviv, from Hamburg to Milan and beyond.


Nuuvera’s vision is that high quality doesn’t have to mean high cost, especially when you have a business created with international markets in mind. A focus on scale and productivity allows us to source the best plants grown at an accessible price, with less impact on the environment. Our integrated operations created with a global strategy means efficient distribution and steady supply chains.

All of which allows Nuuvera to be committed to affordable pricing, making the best products available to patients.

The best things in the world should be for everyone.

Investor Relations

Inspired? So are we.

Opportunities to change the world are few and far between, and we are on the precipice of one. That’s why we have the partnerships and the strategy to do this with the highest professional standards, and the smartest business practices. We are different because of where we’ve been, the experience we’ve collected along the way, and our vision for the future of this industry.

Our intelligent allocation of capital allows us to re-invest in development and create operational excellence—all in service of the marketplace.

We’re setting the standard for professionalism in the industry with strength, foresight and responsibility. Our team of leaders, innovators, policy advisors, biochemists and marketers are committed to do what no one else has: be the leading name in global cannabis.
This is an historic moment, and together we’re helping write the history books.